Monday, March 07, 2005

Stallion Comix/ Nibble Posted by Hello

Stallion Comics/ Nibble

Stallion comics # 8 & # 9/ mini/ #8 is .50 cents/18 pages/ # 9 is .25 cents/9 pages/ from Matt Corrigan Po box 25 Houghton NY 14744
Nibble # 1 & 2 .25 cents each/ 7 pages each/ from Tom Cherry

Here are four great little minis. The first by Matt Corrigan should be an incentive for any kids of grade school age that are interested in comics. Matt is in grade school, publishing comics, attending comic cons, and getting his work noticed. These two comics find humor in the classroom. Issue #8 has a great small press comics review section, and I hope Matt continues his reviews they are done quite well.
Tom Cherry's Cherry Flavored comics are always done well. In # 1 Grandma Bev tells a tall tale about a tall man, Abe Lincoln. Personally I think it's a true story. Nibble # 2 is kind of a silent Valentine for everyone to enjoy.