Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Homemade light box

I always wanted a light box for tracing roughs, or backgrounds for the comics I make. The other day I priced one at the art store. For a 9 x 12 box they wanted $50.00. Well I thought I should be able to make a light box for less than that. So here is my light box project.

Materials: one 8 ft 1 x 4 $6.00

One 8ft 1x1 $$5.00

A lamp Kit $10.00

Two packages of plastic screen holders $2.00 each

A piece of Lexan left over from a previouse project. The Lexan dictated the size of the box

13 x 17

Below you can see the steps I went through to build my box. I am no carpenter, but it turned out OK!

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