Tuesday, November 07, 2006

19th Century Detective

Click here For information about a brand new exciting comic book project from Larned Justin published by Candid Cartoons!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories

Digest size 12 pages each $1.00 each From: Tim Corrigan PO Box 25 Houghton NY 14744

I think most peolple in the small press community have at least heard the name; Tim Corrigan.Maybe not all are familiar with his outstanding comic work. This new series, according to Tim, will be the vehicle for all of his comic characters both old and new.

The first two issues feature my favorite Corrigan characters, Fred, Marvin , and Mike, from The MIGHTYGUY comics that Tim has published for a number of years. These of course are new stories written and drawn by Tim for this new series. In issue one Mike and Marvin decide to watch a movie on TV together, when there is a suspicious knock at the door!!! In story number two romance seems to have found Fred, the owner of C&T Graphics Comic Book CO.

Issue two finds the boys from C&T Comics setting up a signing booth at the local comic shop. Things get complicated when a spoiled brat of a kid becomes their first customer. The second story is called Mr. Doodle. And features the main character relating an incident that happened at a laundromat. This turns out to be a very interesting way to tell a story using sequential art, but just drawings of the stories narrator. These comics are Highly recommended!