Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories #28

Here is the latest from Tim Corrigan's monthly comic series. It arrived right on time as does every issue of Comics and Stories. This one features one of Tim's earliest creations, ELASTICWORM.

A character that Tim came up with at the ripe old age of seven!

A kid named Billy finds Elasticworm, and decides to take him to the local comic shop. The clerk in the shop sends Billy to The comic company that publishes MIghtyGuy. Otherwise known as Fred Schmurt. Fred of course sees dollar signs all over this Elasticworm guy, as the story winds down to a "to be continued" ending.

This issue also contains a TYRAN episode.

You just can't go wrong at $1.50 an issue. Tim Corrigan POB 25 Houghton NY 14744

Tim also has a brand new web site at:

Monday, November 03, 2008

Comics on Fire #1

One thing we like around here is first effort comic books. It never ceases to amaze me how clever first effort comics can be. Comics on Fire is just such a comic. Paul Hack ( Hack, an unfortunate last name for a cartoonist)lol, has put together a series of one or two page strips that are original and funny. Now I won't say I understand all of the gags, but you may be more hip than I.

The artwork while not highly polished, certainly fits the strips. Paul does not seem to allow influences from other cartoonists to creep into his work, and that is a good thing.

The comic has full color front and back covers, sells for $3.00, 24 pages, and is available from Paul at

6307 Heritage Landing Ct. Burke, Va 22015 You can contact him at

Or read his blog at

As a side note to Paul, always put your contact info in your comic. Reviewers lose envelopes, and inserts.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories #25 & 26

The only monthly small press comic book that I know of is Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories. It arrives at my mail box right on time at the beginning of each month. With full color covers and top notch art work. By that I mean fully rendered back grounds in each panel, no short cuts.

Issue 25, titled, "First Contact", even features a written story at the bottom margin of each page.

Number 25 spotlights good old Fred Schmurt as the unwilling recipient of Marge the restaurant owner's romantic advances. In the end Fred sees a way to possibly take advantage of Marge's affection for him. We will have to wait for another issue to see how Fred manages to take advantage of Marge for his own selfish purposes.

Issue 26 "The Ferbles Yesteryear and Toupee" A MightyGuy story. Marvin decides to write a MightyGuy theme song. Of course he is completely awful at it,...... and, well you get the premise .

As usual Tim Corrigan can make a very funny comic out of just about anything and he does it in both issue 25 and 26. Each comic is digest size, 11 pages, with a cover price of $1.50 Send for your copies today! Tim Corrigan POB 25 Houghton NY 14744

Monday, September 15, 2008

Izzy Challenge #5

J. B. Winter, creator of the Izzy Challenge, sent 50 cartoonist, one from each state, an Izzy panel to complete. Izzy is a little mouse, and this book is a record of Izzy touring America. Each artist was sent a few guide lines, and given one month to complete an Izzy panel depicting something from their state.

It's one thing to come up with an idea like this, quite another to pull it off. Winter is one of the best at layout and design. He manages to get four panels per page, plus an outline of each state represented on the page, and the artists info for each panel. All this in a digest size book. This is a great little collectors item. Some of the contributing artist will be known to small press folks, others are at least new to me. Every contributor does a great job, and for a dollar how can you go wrong?

Available from J. B.Winter at PO Box 1814 Columbia MO.65205.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tales of Fantasy # 42

Issue 42 of Tales Of Fantasy has something a little different for regular readers of this series. This one is a Super Hero story! The story is written by Mike Tuz, and Larry Johnson does the art. Super heroes don't always get it right, and sometimes they can make things worse. That's the basic premise for this issue. Mike includes all of Larry's well known characters, Madam Boogala, her son Goomar, and of course Detective Kolowski, trying to sort things out. Larry's great letters section,"Mails of Fantasy" returns. Reading the mail section can really give you some insight on the previous issue. His stable of letter writers, take great care in analyzing each issue of TOF, making this section of the comic a must read for all.

TOF 42 is $3.00 from Larry Johnson 9 St.Peter St. #4 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-4907

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Captain Spectacular #3

Small press comics have their share of super heroes, but none quite like Nate Corrigan's "Captain Spectacular". How often have you seen a Super Hero, swing into action when he hears that a garbage dumpster is overflowing with garbage?

Well CS does just that. He jumps up runs into a bathroom, changes into his Janitorial uniform, and flies the dumpster to the dump. Howz that for a Super Hero?

Now of course no Super Hero comic would be complete without a villain, so Nate throws one in here just for good measure.

Nate's art and layout are flawless, making this a must have small press comic.

It's just $2.00 from Nate Corrigan PO Box 25 Houghton NY 14744

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get your comic on here!

If you would like to have your comic appear on the Homemade Komics Blog, simply send a copy to: Larned Justin
3741 Laura Ct.
House Springs, Mo 63051

I do not want this to be viewed as a way for me to get free comics, that is not my intent. If there is something you would like me to include in the comments on your comic please send that along as well.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cornelia Cartoons # 10

With Kel Crum's art style, his comics could be considered art comics. If not for the fact that his stories have fall down laughing dialog, a beginning, a middle, and a punch line at the end. Thus disqualifying them for art comic status.

Issue # 10 has three Cornelia stories, and an Ed Thud story. I really don't want to give any of the gags away here, so just take my word that the stories will not disappoint!

here is just one little thing I have to tell you about. In one panel Cornelia is walking by a food store. There is a sign in the window reading; " Closed captioned Rice Krispies for the hearing impaired"

( think about it)
Cornelia Cartoons # 10 is Half legal size, $ 2.00 from Kel Crum 32 W. Goodman Dr # 23 Fairborn OH 45324

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tales of Fantasy # 41

Any comic book title that runs 41 issues and has the word Fantasy in it, just has to do a " B" movie type story.

"The Skin Game" is Larry Johnson's homage to the "B" horror movies of the fifties. Larry Johnson is the artist and writer of one of the longest running small press titles, in all of small press!

We have a little of everything in "The Skin Game", a mad scientist, a creepy castle like mansion, on an Island. A lighting storm, a creepy assistant who does not talk, a beautiful woman being held against her will. And of course Larry's long running character Lew Brown, to sort it all out.

All though the story is quite familiar, Larry does a great job with it, adding a little twist to the type of mad scientist in the story. You will enjoy seeing how Lew Brown gets out of this one!

The issue also has a Space Cat story, " Mails of Fantasy" the excellent letters section, and features full color covers inside and out. About 42 pages, digest size, $3.00, From, Larry Johnson

9 St. Peter st #4 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-4907

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's been a While

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything here. I think it is high time that I return to posting some reviews and info about small press comics and zines.

What better way to start than by taking a look at Christoph Meyer's new issue of "28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine" from Big Red Mill Publishing Christoph Meyer PO Box 106 Danville, OH 43014.

The big surprise here is that Christoph, after winning the Utne Reader Independent Press award,

"Best Zine Ever" Just kind of shut down, and did nothing. He admits he was depressed. I have met Christoph a number of times, and just hard to picture him in a funk. But that is just what happened. For 2 years he says he did nothing but sit around and mope.

But that seems to have changed! In fact he has taken on a monumental challenge. Christoph is currently on the Appalachian Trail, planning to hike the entire trail all 2,175 miles of it from now until Oct 2008. Whew! That's awsome! I suggest you send for this zine and read how this all came about, if you have read any of Christoph's past zines, you know this will not disapoint. I would say it costs $2.00.

You can follow Christoph's travels at His trail name is Twineman. Leave a comment in his guest book Iam sure he will appreciate it.