Monday, November 01, 2010

Three new books from Sparkplug Comics

You can order these books from Dylan Williams, Sparkplug Comic Books, PO Box 10952 Portland, OR 97296-0952

"Flesh and Bone" 40 pages 6x8.5 color covers. $6.00

by Julia Gfrorer

Flesh and bone is an adult readers only, folk/fairytale that takes

place around 1798. A young man's one true love has died, and he was so in love with her that he also wants to die to be with her. He enlists the help of a witch, because he fears if he commits suicide he will face eternal damnation and never see his beloved Anabel.

Jadwiga, the witch, prepares type of potion, and in doing so calls up Buer being with a

Lions face. They discuss what to do about the young man that has asked for Jadwiga's help. In the mean time the young man hangs himself.

Very nice artwork, if not the happiest of stories

"The Heavy Hand" 108 pages 6x9 Color covers $14.00 by Chris C. Cilla

I think we all know that comics rank about last in the fight for the entertainment dollar. With that in mind it is up to the new Cartoonists to continue to bring something different to sequential story telling. There is a need to break any existing rules and go beyond the established norm.

One of those rules is, when telling a story be sure to keep the reader in mind, don't think the reader will know what in the cartoonists mind, is so clear. It is up to the Cartoonist to convey his story, through the dialog and pictures, so the reader can follow a long.

I believe Chris Cilla intentionally breaks that rule. This book , in my opinion, has been done more for the artist than the reader. The reader here is along for the ride, If the person reading this can glean a few tid bits of insight into the cartoonists mind that's great. Then Chris has not compromised his intent, and the reader has a little more to think about.

This is just one more approach to bending the limits of what comics can be. It may not be for everyone, but the days of trying to appeal to a huge audience are probably in the past. Like it or not the new cartoonist have to stretch the boundaries of sequential art.

'Lemon Styles" 40 pages 10x10 $9.00 by David E. King

Well I believe that most of what I said about "The Heavy Hand" applies to this book also. The book is billed as a series of one page gags. But here again only the artist understands the full meaning of the gag. In the page that I have chosen to to post here the dialog goes like this: panel one "sometimes there is a tickle in my ear! Panel two " I consume the trees of home" Panel three: " I devour the ghosts" Panel four: " Haw haw haw ha haw ho ho haw". Now, I don't know what that means, I don't know if it is funny, or not. I do know the art work is very cool. I love David's style.

But here again the reader is a bystander left to figure out the artists intent. The artist only gives the the subtlest of clues.....

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