Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey, Dale Martin, along with pals Tom Cherry, Mark Morhouse, Matt Levin, Ivan Martin, Drew Boynton, JB Winter, Mike Sullivan and Bill Hook, Have come up with a great kid friendly comic!

Along with regular Watusi strips, there are puzzles, a word search, things to draw and strips to finish. Along with Watusi, we also get a littlle, Dapper The Penguin, Walking man rubber stamp comics, Doggie and Jilly, a Library Fashion show, and Thunderdawg comics. Topped off by full color front and back covers.

This is a great package for the kids, It's 51 pages long, for only $3.50 From Dale Martin, creator of Watusi the Talking Dog jam comics. PO BOX 442612, Lawrence KS 66044