Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories #28

Here is the latest from Tim Corrigan's monthly comic series. It arrived right on time as does every issue of Comics and Stories. This one features one of Tim's earliest creations, ELASTICWORM.

A character that Tim came up with at the ripe old age of seven!

A kid named Billy finds Elasticworm, and decides to take him to the local comic shop. The clerk in the shop sends Billy to The comic company that publishes MIghtyGuy. Otherwise known as Fred Schmurt. Fred of course sees dollar signs all over this Elasticworm guy, as the story winds down to a "to be continued" ending.

This issue also contains a TYRAN episode.

You just can't go wrong at $1.50 an issue. Tim Corrigan POB 25 Houghton NY 14744

Tim also has a brand new web site at: