Saturday, July 31, 2004

Drunken Cat Presents # 8 Posted by Hello


Digest size/24 pages/ full color covers/ $2.50/ From: Brian Canini

This issue features guest artist Simon Mackie. I would have to say that the strips offered by Mackie are different, to put it mildly. Here is the intro to his first story; " Sometimes it got so cold out there-frozen out and isolated-that's the way I was twenty years ago in Sadogashima northern Japan. There was no reason for me to stay there, but I was scared of change-and I was right to be so...." The story is titled ' Ughujin" . Two other stories by Mr. Mackie are "Life in Tokyo" and " Round peg in a square hole". "Life in Tokyo" is a 6 panel page with the panels on the right in English, and the same panel on the left written in Japanese. "Round peg in a square hole" Features a reprobate Uncle who has a knack for barfing on folks to make a point.

Brian Canini's lone offering this time out is a Pirate story called "The Dead Sea" Brian mentions that this is one of his more personal works to date. And that it helped him get through a time in which he suffered from writers block.

Also included in this issue is the Drunken cat contest. People were invited to draw their version of the Drunken Cat logo. The grand prize was a poster featuring all of the Drunken Cat Comics characters, and a copy of Drunken Cat Presents. ( yours truly won) ( a very cool poster, it is now on the wall in my studio)

Friday, July 23, 2004

On Vacation

Homemade Komics will be on vacation until 7/28/04 . 
Back with new comics at that time!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I guess I should explain what this blog is all about. If you are new to the world of Small Press Comics, first let me explain what Small Press Comics are.
Quite simply Small Press Comics are comics drawn, written, and published by people all over the world. They are not the slick super hero comics you see in the comic shops produced by DC or Marvel. The Comics that I will talk about here are produced for the love of the medium. Since there are no editors directing what the content has to be, you will find comics on every subject imaginable. Draftsman ship will vary as much as content, and the drafting skill may little to do with an excellent story .
These little books are usually only available from the artists themselves, so  what a blog like this tries to do is help get the word out, and let people know about comics that are made for the love of making comics.
If you are a comic creator and you would like to see your comic reviewed here, just send a copy of the comic, or a copy of the cover with your own write up of the content ( limited to a couple of paragraphs) , And I will put it up in the order it is received. Send To:
Larned Justin
PO Box 471
House Springs, MO 63051
Stop by often comics will change one to two times a week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Plastic Farm #6 Posted by Hello


Standard Comic book size/  32 Pages/  $ 2.95 / From Rafer Roberts 1552 Creastview Ave. Hagerstown Md 21740
This issue of Plastic Farm is illustrated completely by Rafer. Previouse issues have featured guest artists. But to get the true feel of these stories about the character Chester, they need to be drawn by Rafer.
It helps to have read the first 5 issues of PF to get the feel of the story.  Chester has had quite a rough childhood, so he began to write stories about a character called "The Kamikaze Kid". This issue is kind of a flash back of Chesters life, told as he sits in an Airport Bar.
Plastic Farm has recieved rave reviews since it's firrst issue. Although it is rather difficult to describe the story in a short review, the comic is well worth the price, and you will want to purchase all the issues when you get into the story.