Thursday, September 15, 2011

Light Riot, Departure

Standard comic book size, full color covers, black and white interior. 
From Rio Aubry Taylor, $4.50 from his web site; until Sept 28th at this price.

The art here has a strong manga influence, and I must admit that I am not a fan of Manga, nor do I know anything about it. Having said that , the art works very well with Rio's story.
The story, although a complete fantasy, could very well be influenced by real events in Rio's world.
Without giving the whole story away, I can tell you that Rio is visited by a creature from the Moon. The Moon creature tells Rio he has the ability to live twice!  One body is whisked away to the Moon, while the other body stays on earth.  The story addresses both of Rio's lives.
There is a picture of Rio on the back cover, and he mentioned in his letter to me that he attends the " Center for Cartoon Studies" in Vermont. If he is attending that school, he sure doesn't need any advice from me, on how to draw cartoons, he is in good hands.
Be sure to check out Rio's web page to order Light Riot, and look at his other art works