Saturday, December 26, 2009

Khaki Shorts #22

Khaki Shorts #22 is the latest madness from the guys over in Scotland. Titled " it's the end of the 00's. A.J. Smith gives us a new "Boy Mindless strip, Rob Miller includes another episode of Star Trudge, a John Miller strip from 2005, called " The Deevil is oot again" is also in this issue.

The issue rounds out with a couple more strips by Rob Miller, and A. J. Smith, along with "Franchise Goblin with art By Curt Sibling, story by Craig Collins, and " A Trashcan Full of Skin by Shug from 1990.

I think by some of the strip titles above you can get a pretty good idea of the craziness included in Khaki Shorts. Its half legal size, ( and probably half legal as well. lol) 20 pages Price? $2.00 at least. For purchasing info contact Rob Miller at:

I almost forgot Neil Bratchpiece has a strip called "Peapod Manure is Sadlad" (What did I tell you about strip titles?) Get some nonsense in your life, e-mail Rob!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A new year A new direction

Starting in 2010, I will only be working two days a week. So I intend to put more time into this blog, and my comic books. By the way the two days a week is voluntary, I did not get cut back. It is just time for me to let go of the daily grind, and enjoy some time off and travel.

With regard to my comics and posts here, my hope is to increase both. I am currently working on a comic that features the character that you see to the left. You Will probably see more of him on this blog.

I think that every cartoonist, at some time in his or her carrier will go through a phase of drawing a Cat similar to this. I have seen many over the years, they look a lot like the Cat in Ignatz, but take on a bit of the artists own influence. The one you see here is my version of that Cat.

For some unknown reason I cannot quit drawing this Cat, he pops up everywhere! So I hope this is a new direction for a new year for me. Keep checking the blog, and let's see how I do!!