Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories #25 & 26

The only monthly small press comic book that I know of is Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories. It arrives at my mail box right on time at the beginning of each month. With full color covers and top notch art work. By that I mean fully rendered back grounds in each panel, no short cuts.

Issue 25, titled, "First Contact", even features a written story at the bottom margin of each page.

Number 25 spotlights good old Fred Schmurt as the unwilling recipient of Marge the restaurant owner's romantic advances. In the end Fred sees a way to possibly take advantage of Marge's affection for him. We will have to wait for another issue to see how Fred manages to take advantage of Marge for his own selfish purposes.

Issue 26 "The Ferbles Yesteryear and Toupee" A MightyGuy story. Marvin decides to write a MightyGuy theme song. Of course he is completely awful at it,...... and, well you get the premise .

As usual Tim Corrigan can make a very funny comic out of just about anything and he does it in both issue 25 and 26. Each comic is digest size, 11 pages, with a cover price of $1.50 Send for your copies today! Tim Corrigan POB 25 Houghton NY 14744