Friday, October 22, 2004

Happly Freak Show # 6 Posted by Hello


Half legal size/ 20 pages/ $ 2.00 / from Jeff Plotkin 1700 Gough St. #305 San Francisco, CA 94109

The cover says for mature readers, but I think that only means that young children just won't understand the humor. This issue comes out just in time to make a great Christmas gift. It includes one of the funniest versions of "The Night Before Christmas" that I have ever seen. If you are at all a fan of Will Elder you will get a kick out of all the little signs and things in the backgroud of each of the story panels.

To ad a little literary class to his small press comic, Jeff includes "A Page Torn Out of Hamlet" Something that I suppose Shakespear disgarded thinking it didn't work well in the story. WRONG!
Jeff proves it should have been left in!

Once again Jeff hits the mark with a very funny issue, be sure to send for a copy of this one before they are sold out!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dope Fiends Of The Zombie Cafe Posted by Hello

Dope Fiends of The Zombie Cafe Posted by Hello


Wow it has been quite a while since my last post. I have and continue to have problems on the internet. Pages either load extremely slow or don't load at all! My computer may have a virus but I am not sure, because sometimes it is just fine. Anyway on to comics!

This comic is digest size/ 30 pages/color covers/ $3.00 from; "Hula Cat"Comics PO Box 279 Manchester, MI 48158-0279

The cover of this comic is a collectors item in itself. You should buy this for the cover alone. The story by Sean Frost is a send up of the those old cult movies, "Reefer Madness" and "Night of the Living Dead" Sean combines them with a little "Village of The Giants" thrown in for good measure.
Drawn by "Plastic Farm " creator Rafer Roberts, who seems to get better with each project he tackles. I am not sure they quite pull off the campyness that is required to make this work, but it does have all the elements it needs. A crazy laboratory professor, a grade school field trip to an eerie Agricultural Facility, and Beatniks at a local coffee house.
Oh and of course ZOMBIES!!!!
This comic is lots of fun, and as I said the cover alone is worth the price.