Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New Blog Location

Iam going to try another blog . Homemade Komics is moving to:
There is a new review up today, 04-27-05

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Well I sure haven't been very timely in up dating this Blog. I typed a review last week, and just as I finished it, I got a message that the Blog server had a problem and I lost the whole thing!

This Friday, April 15th, I head to Columbus OH for S.P.A.C.E., one of the top small press comic book shows in the country. I expect to return with an arm load of new comics, so I should have quite a bit to review. That is provided I can find the time to sit down at the computer and actual do it. I will be debuting my new comic NUT # 2 at the show, it is 32 pages half legal size with full color cover. It sells for $2.00 plus $1.00 postage and handling.
Did you ever wonder what handling is ?
Here is what I include in handling; The envelope, addressing the envelope, placing the comic in the envelope, licking the envelope, licking the stamp or stamps and sticking them on the envelope, the cost of gas ( now $2.28 per gallon) to drive to the post office and back, and wear and tear on my vehicle to drive to the post office and back, plus various other costs that I can't think of right now.