Saturday, July 11, 2009

Khaki Shorts

Boy! It has been a long time since my last post! However one reason for the huge gap in posting is the fact that I just don't get many small press comics to post about anymore.

No excuse I know, there are a lot of things comic related that I should talk about here, and in the future I plan to to just that.

Now onto the new issue of Khaki Shorts, I just received from Glasgow Scotland. One of the more exciting things for me, in this issue is the fact that John Miller, who I consider a long distance friend, has a couple of strips in this issue. One from 2007, and a brand new splash page from 2009!

KS has some very strange strips, Float by Adam Smith, is one of the more bizzar comics included. Two fellows are floating around the room, they don't know why until they receive a call from " The Galactic Housing Association" informing them that the gravity has gone out for a while. Things get pretty messy when that happens, as you will find out when reading this one.
You can find out more about KS by going to their Facebook Page or MYSPACE. You can also email them at