Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Comics Journal Reviews NMSD # 11

I picked up a copy of the June / July issue of The Comics Journal a few days ago. I usually flip it open to the "minimalist" column first. The column is currently being written by Daniel Holloway.
And I was surprised to see a review of Delaine Derry Green's " Not My Small Diary" # 11. Surprised I guess because the two volume comic has been out for quite a long time.
If you are not familiar with NMSD, it is a yearly anthology with a diary type theme. This issue the contributing cartoonists were asked to do a strip about something that happened when they were 11 years old.
I have read some Daniel Holloways reviews when he wrote for " Dogs Body", and I am still not sure that he likes small press comics in general. He writes regarding NMSD # 11 " there is nothing wrong with the concept of NMSD" Presenting autobiographical stories that took place when the authors were 11 years old or younger, and goes on to say if that's the case then "why are most of the strips in its two volumes so bad?" He also remarks that most of the artists in NMSD are bad. "They might not always be bad , but right now they are not good. The one exception he notes is Clutch McBastard.

Well then that means that , according to Mr. Holloway some of the biggest names in small press are bad artists, and cant write. Lets me list just some of the names in NMSD # 11
Joe Marshall, John Miller, Frederick Noland, John Porcellino, Joel Orf, Jesse Reklaw, Androo Robinson,Jim Siergy, Steve Skeats, Ben t. Steckler, and Ben White. And that is just a partial list.

I think that anybody that knows anything about the small press comic scene would agree that these folks are not bad artists! I still have to wonder does Holloway really know anything about small press or is his interest more in the area of "art comics" These are two different things in my opinion.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Homemade Comics Returns to Blogger

Well I am back to using blogger again. Only this time around I won't be just doing small press comic reviews. The blog will include a review here and there, when I run across something special. Other than that, look for a spattering of small press comic news, and my personal ramblings about drawing my own comics.
This may be the perfect time to start a blog like this, since I am just starting to put together some ideas for my third issue of NUT, my small press comic. NUT is my version of MAD magazine, but I try to do it without copying Mad. I only want the feel of a MAD, CRACKED, magazine.
As of right now I have two panels drawn for a parody of the old Smokey Stover comic strip. Of course I have no idea at this point where I am going with this idea. So come back and visit soon, and lets see if this idea leads me anyplace at all.