Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Homemade Comics Returns to Blogger

Well I am back to using blogger again. Only this time around I won't be just doing small press comic reviews. The blog will include a review here and there, when I run across something special. Other than that, look for a spattering of small press comic news, and my personal ramblings about drawing my own comics.
This may be the perfect time to start a blog like this, since I am just starting to put together some ideas for my third issue of NUT, my small press comic. NUT is my version of MAD magazine, but I try to do it without copying Mad. I only want the feel of a MAD, CRACKED, magazine.
As of right now I have two panels drawn for a parody of the old Smokey Stover comic strip. Of course I have no idea at this point where I am going with this idea. So come back and visit soon, and lets see if this idea leads me anyplace at all.

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