Saturday, December 26, 2009

Khaki Shorts #22

Khaki Shorts #22 is the latest madness from the guys over in Scotland. Titled " it's the end of the 00's. A.J. Smith gives us a new "Boy Mindless strip, Rob Miller includes another episode of Star Trudge, a John Miller strip from 2005, called " The Deevil is oot again" is also in this issue.

The issue rounds out with a couple more strips by Rob Miller, and A. J. Smith, along with "Franchise Goblin with art By Curt Sibling, story by Craig Collins, and " A Trashcan Full of Skin by Shug from 1990.

I think by some of the strip titles above you can get a pretty good idea of the craziness included in Khaki Shorts. Its half legal size, ( and probably half legal as well. lol) 20 pages Price? $2.00 at least. For purchasing info contact Rob Miller at:

I almost forgot Neil Bratchpiece has a strip called "Peapod Manure is Sadlad" (What did I tell you about strip titles?) Get some nonsense in your life, e-mail Rob!

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