Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Standard Comic book size/  32 Pages/  $ 2.95 / From Rafer Roberts 1552 Creastview Ave. Hagerstown Md 21740
This issue of Plastic Farm is illustrated completely by Rafer. Previouse issues have featured guest artists. But to get the true feel of these stories about the character Chester, they need to be drawn by Rafer.
It helps to have read the first 5 issues of PF to get the feel of the story.  Chester has had quite a rough childhood, so he began to write stories about a character called "The Kamikaze Kid". This issue is kind of a flash back of Chesters life, told as he sits in an Airport Bar.
Plastic Farm has recieved rave reviews since it's firrst issue. Although it is rather difficult to describe the story in a short review, the comic is well worth the price, and you will want to purchase all the issues when you get into the story.

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