Saturday, July 31, 2004


Digest size/24 pages/ full color covers/ $2.50/ From: Brian Canini

This issue features guest artist Simon Mackie. I would have to say that the strips offered by Mackie are different, to put it mildly. Here is the intro to his first story; " Sometimes it got so cold out there-frozen out and isolated-that's the way I was twenty years ago in Sadogashima northern Japan. There was no reason for me to stay there, but I was scared of change-and I was right to be so...." The story is titled ' Ughujin" . Two other stories by Mr. Mackie are "Life in Tokyo" and " Round peg in a square hole". "Life in Tokyo" is a 6 panel page with the panels on the right in English, and the same panel on the left written in Japanese. "Round peg in a square hole" Features a reprobate Uncle who has a knack for barfing on folks to make a point.

Brian Canini's lone offering this time out is a Pirate story called "The Dead Sea" Brian mentions that this is one of his more personal works to date. And that it helped him get through a time in which he suffered from writers block.

Also included in this issue is the Drunken cat contest. People were invited to draw their version of the Drunken Cat logo. The grand prize was a poster featuring all of the Drunken Cat Comics characters, and a copy of Drunken Cat Presents. ( yours truly won) ( a very cool poster, it is now on the wall in my studio)

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