Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tales of Fantasy # 41

Any comic book title that runs 41 issues and has the word Fantasy in it, just has to do a " B" movie type story.

"The Skin Game" is Larry Johnson's homage to the "B" horror movies of the fifties. Larry Johnson is the artist and writer of one of the longest running small press titles, in all of small press!

We have a little of everything in "The Skin Game", a mad scientist, a creepy castle like mansion, on an Island. A lighting storm, a creepy assistant who does not talk, a beautiful woman being held against her will. And of course Larry's long running character Lew Brown, to sort it all out.

All though the story is quite familiar, Larry does a great job with it, adding a little twist to the type of mad scientist in the story. You will enjoy seeing how Lew Brown gets out of this one!

The issue also has a Space Cat story, " Mails of Fantasy" the excellent letters section, and features full color covers inside and out. About 42 pages, digest size, $3.00, From, Larry Johnson

9 St. Peter st #4 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-4907

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