Monday, July 14, 2008

Cornelia Cartoons # 10

With Kel Crum's art style, his comics could be considered art comics. If not for the fact that his stories have fall down laughing dialog, a beginning, a middle, and a punch line at the end. Thus disqualifying them for art comic status.

Issue # 10 has three Cornelia stories, and an Ed Thud story. I really don't want to give any of the gags away here, so just take my word that the stories will not disappoint!

here is just one little thing I have to tell you about. In one panel Cornelia is walking by a food store. There is a sign in the window reading; " Closed captioned Rice Krispies for the hearing impaired"

( think about it)
Cornelia Cartoons # 10 is Half legal size, $ 2.00 from Kel Crum 32 W. Goodman Dr # 23 Fairborn OH 45324

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