Tuesday, November 30, 2004

CHAOS ISSUES, 20, 21, 22, and 23

Digest Size / 20 pages each/ $1.00 per issue/ from: Usurp Toe Comics , 1711 E. Rawhide #114 Las Vegas, NV 89119-2753
usurptoe@cox.net members.cox.net/usurptoe

Finally I have a new internet provider and the connection speed is 100% better. Hopefully now I can update this blog on a more regular basis.
I have received a number of comics recently so I do have a bit of a back log.
So let's start with the four latest issues of Chaos. This is one artist who consistently gets his issues out in a very timely manner. As I think I may have mentioned in an earlier review, these are what I would call true underground comics. The subjects go from politics, to sports, to the entertainment world. Nothing is safe from Dave Gilbert's wrath. The comics are jammed with words that in some cases block all but the top of the head and eyes of some of the characters. Yet many panels are fully rendered. Dave skillfully uses gray scaling to give his comics just the right feel.
All and all these are wild and fun for a mature audience, don't leave them around for your kids to pick up.
If you like sarcastic, timely humor, I suggest you subscribe to Chaos, Dave has proven that his issues will be out consistently on time.

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