Monday, December 06, 2004


Digest size # 62/ 28 pages / $2.00/ # 63/ 32 pages/ $2.50/ from: John Porcellino PO Box 170535 San Francisco, CA 94117

If you have never experienced a John Porcellino comic, think of comics that are paired down to the simplest form possible, just short of stickmen. But please do not think that these are hurried scribbles. On the contrary, I am sure John puts a great deal of thought into each panel. He would have to in order for these comics to work. And with issue 63, John celebrates his 15th year of doing King-Cat. That's about four comics a year! Congratulations John!
Issue 62 contains some news regarding John and Misun's move from Elgin Il to Denver Co. and thier marriage. The drawn stories in 62 depict incidents that the average person would gloss over during the day. But John is able to capture these seemingly insignificant moments in time with his cartooning, and share them them with those of us who don't take the time in our own lives to enjoy them. For instance in his four page wordless strip,"Trombones No.1" John asks the reader to "please read slowly"
In #63 more news, as John and his wife Misun decide to move from Denver to San Francisco.
Drawn stories in this issue include " The Bottle and Me" about John's bout with alcohol. " Barbers I have known" looking for that perfect barber, (always a difficult task). And "Mayfly Incident" a pesky bug gets in the house, and causes a somewhat sleepless night.
King-Cat Comics and Stories is a Small Press classic series, I suggest buying all the issues you can get.

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