Sunday, January 02, 2005

SAP # 5

Magazine size/ 16 pages/ $2.00/ From Jeff Wilson PO Box 13233 St. Louis. MO 63157

Jeff admits it has been quite a while since his first issue of SAP. I think the first issue may have been published in 98 or 99. This issue , although it is numbered 5, is the follow up to issue number one. The story involves a group of friends, and of course a group of aliens who live underground. Tarrel, always looking for away to make a buck, discovers the substance called SAP that the aliens produce underground. The street value is around ten bucks, so he is in business.
The first issue of SAP had a much more involved story than this issue. Issue one is where you really get to know the characters. But as far as I can remember the substance known as sap was never mentioned in issue one. So I never understood until now, what the title had to do with the comic.
Jeffs art work is full of great detail, texture , and wonderful cross-hatching. His figures will remind you of Peter Baage. In my opinion he does not copy Baage, but just continues in the style that Baage uses. Jeff is a St. Louis cartoonist, and part of the Catastrophe Comix Group. Other members of that group are Ted May, Dan Zettwoch, and Kevin Huizenga. As a cartoonist Jeff may very well be the most talented of the group.
When you order a copy of SAP # 5, you really should ask for a copy of SAP #1 also.

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