Thursday, December 08, 2005

Making The Rounds

It seems that I have developed a routine that I go through almost every day with regard to sites that I visit on the intertnet. If you would like to be a hip underground cartoonist like me, you may want to follow this cyber space trail.
I start out with a visit to Size Matters. After seeing what's new there I head to Wasp Whispers, to see what Matt has to say. Then it's on to the Poopsheet Foundation , Rick Bradford's informative site. Optical Sloth is my next stop to see if I agree with Whitey's take on the comics he reviews. After that I check in at the forum located at Small Press Comics . This site is great for picking up small press related news. And just recently I have started to drop by Tea Krulos site Notes from the Joke Blog. Tea published Riverwurst Comics, and always has something interesting going on. And last but not least I sneak in and lurk around Ian Shires SPA forum.
By the time I finish my rounds the work day is just about over, and I can start thinking about wrapping up another hard day at the office.

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Tom said...

Hey, I go to some of the same sites as well! I guess that makes me a hipster, too! Fun blog, Larned! Hope all is going swell!