Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Making Of a Comic Book Chapter #1

Since this blog is supposed to be about making homemade komics, I thought I would show the various steps in this project as they occur. I am doing the penciling and inking for a new issue of Tim Corrigan's "MightyGuy" comic. This issue is based on a plot line by me, called "Night of NIGHTOWL"
Tim wrote the script, lettered all the word balloons, and very lightly did the character layout and placement. All I have to do is the finished pencils, and the final inking. To make it even easier, he has included a typed narrative for each panel. The page shown here on the right is my pencil of panel one. The added challenge is to make the characters look like Tim's characters including the proper expressions. I am not sure how well the pencils will show up here but you can click on the image to enlarge it.
The page on the top ( sorry, the page with all the panels penciled should have been on the bottom) has panels two and three penciled. The next step is inking . Since I am working on three seperate projects at the same time, it may be a while before I get the inked page up on the the blog .

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