Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What Next???

After first having a problem with the video software that I use for the HOMEMADE KOMICS videos, my computer took a lightning hit and the mother board got fried. So I purchased a bare bones kit and put together a new computer. And I am proud of myself because it works just fine!

Then St. Louis was hit by a major storm. It knocked out power all over St. Louis and the surrounding area. My power came back on in about 6 hours, so we were fortunate there. Some still do not have power as I write this. However now I have lost my cable internet connection. They tell me, even though it worked after the storm, the current outage is still storm related.

So I can write this from work, but I can't of course do any videos, or even scan any comic covers in for an old fashioned written review. What next? A terrorist attack? Space invasion? Zombies?
What next?

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