Friday, June 17, 2011

06/17/2011 New From Sparkplug Comics

" The Disgusting Room" 48 pages tabloid size 10.5 x 15. Full Color $6.00 By Austin English

Sparkplug Comics PO Box 10952 Portland OR 97296-0952

A comic book? No, I don't think so. I see this publication as a program for a gallery exhibition of the paintings that make up the book. I think the only way one could appreciate the art work would be to see the original paintings. I have no idea how large the originals are, but I imagine them to be quite large. If you could see the originals you could see the collage work, and the texture of the brush strokes. One could also make a determination as to whether the paintings are good paintings or not good paintings. And I am quite sure there would be plenty of arguments on both sides of that question.

There is a story, however I think it exists more in the mind of the Artist than in the book. Once again Dylan Williams of Sparkplug steps over the edge to bring art comics to his readers. I hope some of you more daring comic book readers will give this one a try. And please feel free to e-mail me back to let me know what your take on this book is. After all I may be way off base on this one, and missed the entire point! (

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