Saturday, August 07, 2004


Half legal size/ 20 Pages/ $2.00/ From: Jeff Plotkin 1700 Gough St. #305 , San Franscisco, CA 94109

If you have missed the first four issues of Happy Freak Show, then you have missed one of the best small press comics currently being published. Number five continues Jeff's string of top notch comics.
In this issue he brings us Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" illustrated as if it happened to the dude in the apartment next door to you. He also recreates an Aesop Fable titled. "The Old Man, The Little Boy and The Donkey". With a slightly different treatment of the moral of the story. Another strip gives the reader a little insight on what may have taken place at " The Last Supper".
There are three more excellent strips drawn in Jeff's fine line cartooning style. While some artists rely on varied line weight to make their comics come alive, Jeff is able to achieve the same effect with his cross hatching and fine line work. This comic is highly recommended, and if you are a collector of small press comics, all of Jeff's comics should be in your collection!

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