Saturday, August 21, 2004


Digest size/ 16 pages/ $ 2.00/ Hand made covers/ From Larned Justin PO box 471 House Springs Mo 63051

Well I guess it's okay to toot my own horn. Palm's Red is my latest comic, and for this one shot comic I invited a number of friends to submit work with a single theme. Each strip, story, or art work, was to use a play on words as the basis for the submission. The little book includes work by Joseph Shea, a long time small press writer, Jeff Plotkin( Happy Freak Show), Dale Martin ( Watusi The Talking Dog),Matt Dembicki ( Attic Wit) Billy McKay( Shot By a Ray Gun)
And Matt Feazell( Hey Cynical Man) Oh and me of course!

You will just have to buy one to see how each of the artists tackled the "play on words"

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