Tuesday, August 02, 2005


If you area StarWar's fan you know that a Jedi Knight can sense a disturbance in the force. Well I am no Jedi Knight, but I do sense a disturbance in the Small Press comics scene. Not so much a disturbance as a lull. Right now it just seems that some of the excitement that small press used to generate is lacking.

Personally I believe it is due to the fact that small press comics currently do not a review zine in print. This may go back as far as the last issue of Tim Corrigan's Small Press Comics Explosion.
Ian Shires continues to try to put something together, but he seems to encounter one set back after another. I am sure he will get his publication rolling, but for now, we seem to be in limbo. Doing a review zine has proven to be an un-rewarding pile of hard work for anyone who attempts it. Yet it seems to remain the best vehicle for generating interest in small press comics.

At one time Tim Corrigan's SMPCE had 200 subscribers. That may not sound like a lot, but in the world of small press, it is amazing. With a subscriber base like that it is possible to at least break even on the publishing expense. However it does not change the work load, and in fact may increase it.

So have I encouraged anyone to start a review zine?? Boy I hope so!

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