Saturday, August 13, 2005


B. Winter has a new Izzy Challenge out. It's 16 pages digest size.
The Izzy challenge is a jam comic featuring Izzy The Mouse. Winter draws the first panel, and then sends it to another cartoonist for the second panel. Whoever draws the third panel returns the jam to Winter for completion of the last panel. He also offers a variation on the same idea.
This issue includes panels by , J. Gonzales, Billy Mckay, and Jeff Plotkin, along with a number of others..... Including myself. Although the one thing that it does not include is an opportunity to draw one of the Izzy Strips that Winter starts. Winter gives credit to Dale Martin who originally came up with this type of a comic jam With his Watusi The Talking Dog jam comics.
Send a $1.00 to Winter PO Box 1814 Columbia MO 65205.

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