Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Dylan Williams runs a small press comic book company called " Sparkplug Books" The artists he represents push the limits of sequential art. That is something you just don't find in most mainstream comic book companies. Another thing you may not find in a mainstream comic book company is the fact that Dylan is also an artist and has drawn and published five issues of his comic "Reporter", winning a Xeric award along the way. Along with issue Five of Reporter, Dylan sent me "Christina and Charles" a 6 x 9 76 page full color book by Austin English, and Jeff Levine's " Watching Days Become Years". (44 pages standard comic book size). As I mentioned above these books explore the comic book medium, and touch on comics as art. You can check out Sparkplug Books at www.sparkplugbooks.com or you can e-mail Dylan at dylan@sparkplugcomicbooks.com. Those of us who enjoy small press comics should always support the people who take the risk of pushing the boundries of comic art.

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