Saturday, September 24, 2005


I sent for all of the issues of Matt Dembicki's Mr. Big series, 1 thru 5, I was a bit too late to get issue #1, it is out of print. However I did get 2 thru 5. This series is what makes small press so different and exciting. Matt does something very simple, yet something I would never think of, he takes a walk to a small pond near his home, and comes back with an idea for a whole comic book series based on what he imagines takes place within the animal society that inhabits the pond.

In issue # 2 he does something even more daring than the basic concept, he illustrates the pond at night! The entire issue is black with white highlights, maybe done with a scratch board. This sets the tone, and lets the reader know that this series is going to be innovative both in story line and presentation. And of course the following issues do not disappoint.

Just to give you the basic premise of the story, it revolves around a Snapping Turtle, Mr. Big, that inhabits the pond and will eat any thing that gets in his path. A plot is hatched by the other animals of the pond to get rid of Mr. Big. Now that I have wet your appetite for this excellently illustrated series, get them all. Color cover issues are $1.50, black and white cover issues are $1.00. Get them from Matt Dembicki 3148 Hartwick Lane Fairfax, VA 22031

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