Friday, October 07, 2005


By the way you can read a review of a couple of my comics over at Size Matters, Shawn Hoke's blog. There is a link on the right of this screen.

Kel Crum's latest issue of Cornelia Cartoonz is something a little different. This time out Kel has collected a bunch of his one page strips and put them all in this issue called " One Page Rage". Not all of the strips have a knock out punch line in the last panel, but the dialog leading up to the final panel is a riot!
Kel continues to be one of the true funny men of small press comics. He is an observer of our goofy society and he finds a way to put Cornelia in the middle of it with hilarious results. The book is half legal size, 12 pages, with a cover price of $ 1.00. Please include a stamp when you order through the mail. Send for it at; Kel Crum 32 W. Goodman Dr Apt. 23 Fairborn OH 45324

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