Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SAP # 7

I guess there are some cartoonists that come up with a complete story line, covering all the issues they produce, before they begin the very first issue of their series. That must be the case with Jeff Wilson's SAP. I have the very first issue, it is several years old now, but that issue had unexplained things in it such as a brief glimpse of a large worm, and kid wearing a gas mask. They had no connection to the story at the time, or at least did not seem to. The title itself, SAP, had no connection to the first issue.
However as the story unfolded over the now seven issues, all those little hints of things to come finally make sense. Should I tell you what it all means.... I don't think so!. Let me just say the story line involves teenagers, space aliens, giant worms, and of course the end of the world.

If you are a small press fan, you must have heard of USS Catastrophe the distro and group of St. Louis cartoonists Made up of Kevin Huizenga, Ted May, Dan Zettwoch, and yes Jeff Wilson. Jeff May not be quite as well known as some of the others ,but he is, in my opinion the best cartoonist of the bunch. His backgrounds are amazing, his pages are alive with action, and his story telling is fun and original.

SAP # 7 is $2.00 it is magazine size 23 pages, and available from Jeff Wilson PO Box 13233 St. Louis, MO 63157

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