Monday, October 24, 2005

Temporary # 4 " A Dirt Nap"

I would be interested to see Rick Smith's pencil work, before he inks it. Because his panels look like they are inked without any pre-penciled lines. His brush flows fluidly resulting in panels that are both loose and expressive. I find his cartooning fascinating.
With regard to this issue of Temporary, story by Damon Hurd, it is another temporary assignment for Envy the girl who works for a temp agency. This time she is asked by her rather distracted boss to make some pick-ups, and delivery's for a small firm. When she arrives at her employers location she realizes that it is a funeral home. I must admit that this issues story loses me half way through. However if you have been following this series, a little closer than I have, you may find some clues here that I missed.
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