Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Video Blog Episode 2

Clock on the link above to view The Homemade Komics Video Blog Episode 2. A review of Mineshaft Magazine.


Jerry Smith said...

Hey Larned! Wow...this is cutting edge stuff you've got going on here! Great ideal that's ahead of it's time.

Jerry Smith

Larned said...

Thanks Jerry,

The quality should improve over the next few weeks. Keep checking in and spread the word , if you don't mind.

Dembicki said...

Larned, I posted a link at the D.C. Conspiracy site. I hope that it directs some eyeballs your way. I really like it!


Larned said...

Thanks Matt,

The next episode will be up as soon as I come up with a comic!
Also over the few weeks I will be getting cable DSL, so I expect the visual quality to improve.