Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The link above is a test of the new HOMEMADE KOMICS VIDEO BLOG. I am still working the bugs out , and learning how to work with the software, as well as trying to figure out the best way to publish it. The vlog is designed to work with windows media player, however when I use it at home, since I have AOL, the AOL player pops up. And it's not very good.
If you take a look at the Vlog, please leave a comment as to how it played on your computer. If you are a cartoonist and would like your comic featured on a future video, just send a copy of the comic to Larned Justin PO box 471 House Springs Mo 63051. If you would rather not send a complete comic just send a scan of the cover and write your own description (about a paragraph) of the story.


Ricko said...

Hey, Larned, I tried to check it out but it took a really long time to begin streaming and I finally had to give up on it. (Using Windows Media Player, by the way.)

Good luck with it, though -- sounds like a fun idea.

Larned said...

Hey Rick,
I tried it at work this morning, it played fine on the windows media player, but the picture is very small. I'll keep working on it, and thnks for the feed back.

DUNZ said...

I saw it Larned, and it played fine. I have cable internet. Also my Windows Media Player allows me to enlarge the picture. It was kinda blurry but, I think a star is born! By the way this is Chris Dunsmore from Dark World Comix.